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Get a Debit Card to Spend Earned Rewards

Accounts feature a special option for spending withdrawable TERN and earned referral rewards —a debit card. On your account dashboard, you will see a section for the card at the bottom of the dashboard homepage. The card requires a $10 USD equivalent amount of TERN for KYC and the activation fee, and after it has been activated you can use your debit card balance for spending on the card, direct withdrawal of TERN, or direct transfer of TERN to another user. The card includes both a virtual card and a physical card and is currently available to US citizens.

Earn Funds

Grow your referrals and staked crypto to get to the point where you have the funds to activate.

Complete KYC

Initiate and pass the credentials check.

Receive Your Card

Instantly receive a virtual card and start spending while your physical card is mailed.

Keep Crypto in Crypto

Crypto stays in crypto until your card spend transaction is executed.

Send to Anyone

Send funds to anyone with just a BlockCard username or email address.

No Account Needed

Even without a BlockCard account, anyone can receive crypto.
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Apple Pay, Google Pay,
And Samsung Pay Support

Use your card account anywhere that accepts payment via Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay.  Mobile payments work with both your virtual card and your physical card and take just minutes to set up.